CoverMate 8 cover variety pack.



  • 1 x small(blue band - 5cm to 13cm) cover
  • 4 x medium(green band - 10cm to 22cm) covers
  • 3 x large(red band - 22cm to 35cm) covers


FDA & Australian Standard AS2070 compliant, BPA & PVC free, CoverMate food covers are 100% food safe, Microwave safe up to 220F & dishwasher safe, Reusable & Recyclable featuring a unique and patented heat sealed edge, which makes them reusable. Built in corners and vents, enable them to fit any shape and allow steam to escape when used in the microwave. Saving you time, money and reducing your house hold waste, CoverMate food covers are quick and easy to use and keep your food fresh for longer. Great for BBQ's and the outdoors keeping flies and bugs off your food.

CoverMate 8 Cover Variety Pack

SKU: T169100AU
    • 100% Food safe, BPA & PVC free.
    • FDA & Australian standard AS2070 compliant.
    • Convenient, Easy to use, Cover and Recover in Seconds
    • Reusable, Recyclable food covers in Reclosable & Recyclable packaging.
    • Unique & Patented Heat sealed edge (No Stitching) making them dishwasher safe and reusable.
    • Microwave safe upto 220 F, with built in corner vents to allow steam to escape
    • Built in corners expand to fit rectangular dishes.
    • Patented Flexband wrap stretches to fit any shape
    • Keeps food fresher for longer.



  • To further benefit the environment, we ship your orders in home compostable mailers. Just bury them in the garden and over approx 90 days, they convert to compost and feed your plants.

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