We are so pleased to be partnering with Touch to bring the

World's #1 food cover brand to Australia and Asia Pacific.

Invented by Canadian Businessman, Claus Sadlier in 2004, and now hugely popular in the US and the UK, CoverMate Food Covers are perfect for the Australian indoor and outdoor lifestyle.

CoverMate stretch-to-fit Food Covers will save you money, time and help the environment by reducing food waste and providing an alternative to single use cling wrap


100% Food Safe, BPA & PVC Free, FDA & Australian Standard AS2070 compliant.

The patented heat sealed edge eliminates sewing and thread, making CoverMate Food Covers Reusable and dishwasher safe.



Microwave safe to 220F, Ideal for splatter free reheating, defrosting and steaming.

CoverMate Food Covers come with built in vents to allow steam and hot air to escape when used in the microwave.



Heavy Duty clear wrap keeps food fresh for longer and makes it easy to see the contents

The Flexband stretches-to-fit any shape, making it easy to cover and re-cover



Built in corners expand to fit rectangular and odd shape dishware making CoverMate Food Covers highly versatile

With 4 colour coded sizes, small, medium, large and extra large, you'll cover everything from a canned drink to a large platter or aluminium baking tray. 



Great for keeping produce fresh. Try them on half fruit, oranges, lemons, tomatoes, grapefruit, cantaloupe and watermelon.

Cover leftovers for storage in the fridge and place straight in the microwave for reheating at home or work. Less washing up. less cooking, less waste, more time, more money, better environment.



CoverMate food covers are available in a variety of sizes. Each cover has a colour coded Flexband making it easy to find the size you want.

Blue    Flexband - Small - Fits 2" to 5"/ 5cm to 13cm

Green Flexband - Medium - Fits 4" to 9"/10cm to 23cm

Red    Flexband - Large - Fits 9" to 14"/ 23cm to 35cm

Gold   Flexband - X Large - Fits 14" to 19"/ 35cm to 48cm

(Gold X Large size available in 10 pack only)

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in partnership with Touch

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